Huffman Truss and Components, LLC

      Providing Quality Service to the Mid-Ohio Valley


Huffman Truss

Huffman Truss and Components, LLC

    We provide you with all your truss needs. We give free quotes and design on every basic plan. Experienced employees bring over 100 years of experience in both design and construction, insuring that you, the customer, gets the best reward for working with us.

    If you would like to see a map for directions to our office just go to the Contact Us web page.

    Quality to count on, each and every time

    We always strive to both design and build trusses that don't just meet the rules, they take them one step further. We have made sure that every house we build is as strong as possible and safe for its inhabitants. Our good reputation hasn't just come from strong trusses, but also from quality customers that have come to us for years because they like our service. Putting customers first is the least we can do to return the favor.


Huffman Truss and Components, LLC

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       1632 Old St Mary's Pike

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           Huffman Truss and Components, LLC


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